Private Health Services Plan, PHSP
At What Cost

Cost for Incorporated Business (Inc., Ltd., Professional, etc.)

Example when no NeoPlan PHSP involved

For employee with marginal tax rate at 30% to pay $1000 medical expense, corporation with no PHSP would have to be remunerated with $1430. For the employer it is 43% "surcharge".

Example with NeoPlan PHSP

If employee registered for PHSP has $1000 claim, the employer would have to submit to PHSP administrator a full payment of $1000 + 8% administration fee $80 (or 5% in case of self-tax accounting $50) plus GST/HST on administration fee (about $5.00), or whatever you provincial GST/HST tax rate is. For the employer with PHSP in place it usually accounts for little less than 10% and is fully deductible to the corporation.

The difference with PHSP involved is quite impressive even with the one-time setup fee for the account for the business, which is also considered as an expense for the company (Please see the Company Application Appendix B for the full fee schedule).
To get a feeling of expenses involved and to do some projections for yourself you can use our PHSP Calculator.

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